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Devic Energy + Green Magick

Notes from The Faeries Guide to Green Magick from the Garden by Jamie Wood

A Model for Understanding + Relating to the Natural World

Whether you believe in magick or that humans personify the natural world to develop and teach respect for it, this post is a brief summary of how the concept of faeries does just that.

Understanding the magickal life force of the planet is key to herbalism, gardening, and consumption of plants in our practice.

There are many legends about faeries and pixies, nymphs and naiads. At their core, they all represent the intelligence of the natural world.

“Faeries are shamans + guiding forces of all things wild.”

Their magick teaches that “when we draw from the Earth, we are tapping into an intelligent life force: the faerie or deva of each plant.”

“Fae or device energy reflects the natural element where it resides; it can also take on abstract forms, such as a blanket of color or the oscillating energy of heat rising…”

Taking care to be responsible stewards of resources, we can harness natural power from the Earth.

Caring for natural objects and plants with their devic energy in mind brings better results.

We’ll go into more detail about this later, but for now, here are some examples:

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