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The Starting Point

Part 1 of the Spellcasting For Beginners series

The Short Version:

Magick occurs at the intersections of desire, willpower, + action. We want to be our best selves while casting. Creation must be a mindful process to increase positive results.

So, take time to understand your self + desires for the spell.

Clear negative influence from your soul. We can do this through meditation + compassion.

Strengthen your resolve + draw power from inspiration. We can do this through goal setting work, symbolism of the tools, etc.

When are conscious + vibing with ourselves, + intentional about our choices, the spells we craft hold far more power to effect the change we want.

The Long Version:

If you’re here, you’ve likely discovered that magic weaves through our music, poetry, and paintings. It fortifies or damages our home. It shimmers as our vibe or aura, and runs through every living thing. Chaotic and natural, it can occur accidentally or be guided into order by a skillful practitioner.

Because magic occurs at the intersection of thought, willpower, and form, many actions we take have the potential to affect the spiritual + physical worlds around us.

With purposeful magic, we take care that we will into being that which we truly desire, while we are rooted in our best selves.

The more powerful and pure your desire, the more poignant the outcome of your action will be.

Therefore, the first step of spell work is to reflect on the inspiration for your spell and the strength of will you bring to your practice.

Sit with your mind for a while.

Challenge yourself to understand what you wish to create at a core level.

Understand your self and your motivations for the work. Strengthen your magic with awareness of your thoughts.

If there is spiritual imbalance and negativity within you, such as high levels of stress, anger, fear, or hatred, this will increase the chaos and negativity in the spell, which will return to you threefold.

Therefore, exercise caution. Get right with your heart first, by meditating on compassion and forgiveness, and finding a private space to let go of negative energy. Then the results of your work will be able to bring order out of the turmoil.

Next, get in touch with your will. Stoke the inner fire for your goal. Draw inspiration from a number of sources with a vision board, or journal about why you want to bring this desire to life. Choose your casting tools based on the power their symbolism holds for you and your purpose.

The more conscious the creator is when they cast, the more in touch they are with their own energy, the better the outcomes of their work.


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  • Interesting read, I have heard that intent and of course strong emotions while performing spells can backfire, though never knew a general imbalance or stress can cause issues as well.

    • Thank you for your input. I agree. The key aspect here is that it’s a balanced and rational intention based in your better nature, rather than chaotic emotion.

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