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The Philosopher’s Stone

For centuries alchemists studied science and philosophy, sometimes resorting to fraudulence to make a quick buck, other times trekking across continents and sincerely pursuing their studies. The study of alchemy spanned civilizations in Europe, Asia, and Africa by the 12th century. When chemistry became more comprehensible to the human mind in the 18th and 19th centuries, many of the teachings of alchemy were abandoned or lost.

These teachings, while sometimes fantastical and unrealistic, were not without their merits.

Alchemists aimed to create the Philosopher’s Stone- a legendary substance said to be capable of transforming lead into gold and granting the user eternal life.

Symbolically, this process represents fundamentally changing the chemical processes + physical makeup of an entity by attuning it to higher, spiritual vibrations.

When we alter our brain chemistry + physiology throughout our spiritual journey, through meditation, sacred body art and piercings, shadow work, and more, we are in pursuit of the same.

We are in pursuit of the idea that, through the study of sciences and philosophy, the individual can undergo fundamental changes at a chemical and physical level.

The Philosopher’s Stone represents this transformation of the soul into an enduring, more valuable form as we learn from the worlds around us.

Symbol for The Philosopher’s Stone

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