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Invocation of Odin

Woden is the Norse God of Knowledge, Poetry, and Battle Rage. A wanderer and ferocious warrior, he cut out his eye and hung from the tree of life to gain greater wisdom, including runic knowledge. He seeks information about time, and journeys through the worlds.

His patrons embrace suffering as a lesson, conquer challenges, and seek information and beauty wherever they may go.

WARNING: The invoker should be adept at pattern recognition with a high tolerance for discomfort.

spell ingredients

  • For the cleansing bath:
    • stored energy (invoker should conserve energy for weeks and meditate deeply before invoking a god)
    • sea salt to purify
    • olive oil for wisdom
    • hot bath water
    • white and black candles
  • To consume after the bath:
    • salted meat
    • brown alcohol- whiskey, beer, cider, mead, etc
    • psychedelics if available/legal
    • apples
  • For the ritual:
    • stones to cast a circle (chosen crystals should represent communication, grounding, balance, and power)
    • more sea salt to bind the circle
    • a sharp, clean blade to draw a small amount of the caster’s blood
    • The following invitation:

Wise is the one who hangs from the tree. Woden, God of Knowledge, Poetry, and War is my mentor, and the universe is my teacher. I give myself to the pursuit of understanding, beauty, and victory. I learn through sufferance and am delivered when I conquer.

This ritual should be performed near the ocean and forest, and both should be made pilgrimage sites after the performance of the ritual.

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