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The Ritual Bath

Part 2 of the Spellcasting for Beginners Series. See part 1.

The ritual bath is traditionally done before casting a circle. In my experience it cleanses the caster, their tools, and crystals of negativity, and balances the energy prior to spell work.

Everyone has their own method for doing this and you’re highly encouraged to find your own.

For an example, this is how I perform a ritual bath:

I charge the tools by rubbing a salt and oil mixture on them in a specific pattern (a line drawn from the center of the object upwards, then from the center of the object downwards, return to the middle, and repeat 2x). At the end of this pattern I ask my patron gods and goddesses to bless the tools.

I sprinkle sea salt in the water, and at the entrance to the bathroom. White and black candles in a circle help balance the masculine and feminine energy. Then I add splashes of olive oil for wisdom.

I follow the lunar cycle when planning my spells, and worship a lunar goddess, so I place my moonstone in the bath with me and bless it during the bath. I charge my clear quartz in the same manner.

Before I step into the bath, I pay respect to the North, South, East, and West, the Divine Masculine, and the Divine Feminine.

I also say a prayer. Here is one example of a medieval Celtic blessing:

May the nourishment of the Earth be ours. May the clarity of the light be ours. May the fluency of the ocean be ours. May the protection of the ancestors be ours.

adaptation of a medieval Celtic blessing (“ours” rather than “yours”)

Then I bathe and meditate, to prepare to cast.

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