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Hi there! My name is Kitty and I’m a guest author. My patron deity is Bastet. Since infancy, I’ve been drawn to Egyptian history as well as cats; so naturally Bastet is a perfect candidate for a deity that’s rooted both in my past and present.

Bastet is the Egyptian Goddess of fertility, protection, children, art, music, warfare, and many other things too.

These are all subjects I feel very strongly about. My entire connection to the Goddess is rooted in the arts and a sense of proud femininity.

I take pride in the fact that I am a naturally maternal figure. I am always the “mom” friend in every relationship, despite also being childlike.

She is the Goddess of warfare, and I am in the military.

She and I both have a careful balance of beauty and gentleness contrasted with rage and power. She defends and keeps me safe daily, so I can serve and do the same. She’s always been my main deity but I do also have connections with Freyja, Astarte, and Libitina.

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