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Choose Your Wand!

Wands represent the element of fire, direction of south, and masculine energy. They can be used to invoke the quarters, casting circles, cleansing, purification, and certain rituals.

When used to cast circles, they protect your consciousness from outside influence.

Wands are a tool of persuasion, not of command, and it’s important to remember this.

In mythology wands are first recorded in some detail by the Greeks. A wand with snakes and a winged top belonged to Hermes, messenger of the Gods + guide to the dead, symbolizing power, wisdom, and healing. In other myths, Mercury had a sleep producing wand, and Arion (a musician at the court of Periander, King of Corinth) had a wand of ivory.

The prefixes to the words Celtic and German mean wand, and both cultures used wands as the symbol

To craft a wand, choose your materials based on their symbolism and meaning to you, cleanse it with salt water and sage, dedicate it to your patron gods through prayer, and bind it to yourself with a personal and private ritual of your choosing.

My wand is crafted of silver birch, which symbolizes growth, renewal, stability, initiation, and adaptability, and is a solar emblem. The birch facilitates passion, energy, and growth. It also utilizes driftwood, representing the eternal relationship between earth and water, forest and sea, life and death, the ever present moment, and our journey through the universe.

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