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⛤Intentions Bottles⛤

Happy Sunday! So, I think we can all agree that, especially now, day-to-day life can be overwhelming and stressful.

There’s something new and concerning to be experienced every day. Often times, we get so discouraged by the negative state of the world around us that it makes it difficult to keep our energy clear and positive. While it will take effort on your part and support from your closest peers to remain positive, you can also use protection rituals to your advantage. I’d like to show you how to make an intentions bottle that I specially designed for my spiritual needs.

I carry my tiny bottle around in my pocket 24/7, which I’ve filled with ingredients that are relevant to what I desire to manifest. I primarily used the color forest green in my bottle because it signifies abundance and wealth to me. I utilized salt for the cleansing and protective properties it provides. I also blessed it in the name of my primary deity, Bastet.

My bottle is used for protection and abundance, but yours can be tailored to any intention and desire you wish. Everything can be tweaked to your unique needs.

You’ll need:
-a small pocket-sized bottle
-sea salt
-tiny quartz crystal
-snake molt
-moss/flowers/leaves/any other natural findings
-chia seeds
-pure intentions

You can arrange these items in the bottle however you see fit. And that’s it! You may bless the bottle if you so choose or leave it how it is. You need not have every item on this list so long as the intention is there and your heart is pure. So if you left something out, it’s perfectly okay.

Blessed be to all of you and have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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