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10 Ways to Ground Yourself

  1. Earthing- stand in the grass w/ bare feet
  2. Sunning- lie in the sun and soak up that vitamin D
  3. Meditation- I recommend the app “Balance” for guided practices
  4. Journaling- Check out a recent prompt . New prompts posted each Sunday.
  5. Compression- Weighted blankets + hugs.
  6. MIndful walking- Bring headphones to listen to podcasts, audiobooks, and music, or walk in peace + observe nature
  7. Lava lamps- Watch the glitter or blob for a while
  8. Puzzles- Do a puzzle on your phone or paper to challenge your brain + relax
  9. Stretch- Set a goal, such as obtaining a split. Check out Blogilates, Yoga by Candace, or Live Your Journey for videos.
  10. Make a pot of tea- Add honey and sit and drink it by the window, or with a book.

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