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Lunar Goddess, Artemis


In Greek mythology, Artemis is the maiden goddess of the Hunt, Moon, and Chastity. She is the daughter of Zeus and the twin sister of the sun god, Apollo. Whereas he rides his golden chariot through the sky, she hunts in the forest with her trademark bow and arrow.

Artemis is associated with childbirth and nature; she helped her mother deliver her twin and travels with her girls and her pack of hounds.

She’s protective of her own virginity, refusing to let men gaze upon her naked and punishing them harshly for violations.

This is not due to some idea of being “less than men”, but due to her perception that they are undeserving of her- they are unworthy to touch or look at her, as she feels more fulfilled on her own.

Many tried to rape Artemis; none of them lived to tell. The most famous story involves Orion, a long-time hunting companion of hers. In fact, he may as well have been Artemis’ only love interest. However, when he tried taking off Artemis’ robe, the goddess killed him. Others say that Orion was actually killed by a scorpion sent by Gaea or an Apollo’s arrow; the gods merely tried to keep Artemis’ virginity intact the only time she couldn’t.

She also protects her priestesses’ reputation + innocence.

Ambitious, beautiful, and defensive of the pure of heart, she leaves her father Zeus to assert herself and do what she does best- hunt, care for the naive and honest, and carry the night’s torch.

Homer calls Artemis either “The Mistress of Animals” or “She of the Wild.” As a huntress, she is also often referred to as “arrow-pouring” or “deer-shooting.” Just like her brother, she may be occasionally called “bright”.

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Worship of Artemis begins with respect for hounds/dogs, stags, and other wild animals, the trees of the forest + other natural habitats, and protecting one’s feminine power. You do not have to be a virgin to worship her, but she does encourage and empower you to protect yourself, and she is defensive of those women who are being abused or taken advantage of.

General: Crescent moon (new moon), bow and arrow, sandals, clouds, three pillars, and blue sky, menstrual blood.

Animals: Dogs, guinea fowl, elephant, horses, bear, dove, deer, and bee.

Plants: Anemones, flowering almond, hazel, ranunculus, honeysuckle, thistle, laurel, and fir tree.

Scents: Jasmine, aloe, ginseng, lemon verbena, and camphor.

Gemstones/Metals: Moonstone, pearl, quartz, crystal, silver, turquoise, iron, aluminum, and diamonds.

Colors: Silver, white, red, green, and turquoise.

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