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Banish Bad Vibes with this Spell

Spell for a Waning Moon in Scorpio or Cancer

Motivation: desire for positivity and a passionate life

Intention: to release pent up frustration, bitterness, emotional stress, and most of all fear of weakness in order to make room for love + light

Deities to invoke: Freyja (Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility), Hekate (Greek goddess of magic, the dark aspects of the moon, and life’s crossroads) and Apollo (Greek god of sun, light, and general good vibes)

Phase of moon: Beginning to Wane (90-70% illuminated)

Lunar Time: After moonrise, with the moon in Scorpio or Cancer

Candle colors: white and black for balance, protection, and to clear negativity energies. Yellow or gold for abundance and joy. Red for passion ; pink for love.

Crystals: Clear quartz to cleanse and protect energy, rose quartz for love and harmony, jasper for grounding due to the high emotions you’re working with, sunstone for positivity and clarity

Offerings: Sweet wine and strawberries in honey (for Freyja), beautiful, positive instrumental music (for Apollo) and Oak or Willow bark for Hekate


  • Light the candles, invoke the quarters and place the crystals along the circle you cast for protection (or in a crystal grid)
  • Invoke the gods and goddesses
  • Pray with intentions in mind: what emotions are you releasing? What resentments? What negative influences in your life are you letting go of?
  • Leave out the crystals and some of the food as an offering
  • Play the music for Apollo and think about what your life could feel like day to day without those negative feelings
  • Pour your own wine and have some extra strawberries, honey, etc while meditating on what Freyja represents and what she means to you
  • Hold the willow and oak bark in your hands for a while and pray to Hekate for strength at this crossroads in your life. Bury the bark in soil near a street light.
  • At sunrise, rise and meditate again on Apollo and how you can cultivate more positivity in your life
  • Journal any realizations you come to

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