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Is Time Travel Possible? A Reflection

In group therapy, I talked about transportation and time/space distortion. Imagine if we could fast forward, pause, + rewind time. We could buy ourselves a moment to think with additional input. If we could scroll through moments like videos on a desktop and customize/edit them, how different and more accurate to our true selves our lives would be.

Then again, isn’t this what those who gaslight are trying to do? Alter their level in retrospect after a mistake? I guess the problem is that they distort the other person’s perspective in the process; stealing their power through manipulative means.

Is this most of our actions against one another in the end? A play for control of the energy in the field? The manner in which all choices made there are perceived by the participants, and witnesses?

A historian with a choppy gray pixie approached me afterwards, and told me she admired my mind. felt flattered and had questions for her I was too nervous to ask. She seems to wander through the world the way I sometimes do- terrifyingly, blissfully lost, spinning so differently that sometimes the vision blurs and the people vanish to another, nearby realm, not quite there, and one wonders when they are living. Is anyone the same person from one moment to the next? The energy is a heavy, quick pulse, warning of isolation, and chaos.

I’d like to speak with the historian one more time before I leave the ward.

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