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Symbolism in Everyday Life: A Reflection

Low Clouds, Light Rain, Strong Winds

Met a hero complex earlier. Looked like a raven. I was thinking about the clock + the throne. A flock of black birds imposed on the moth-eaten trees like rings on knuckles. Ready to hit me in the face. I died spiritually + they still warned to hurry up. Options fly past with the time.

More crows as I type this. I’ve been dissociated for two years until recently; unseen + inactive. I used to prefer birds caged; now I’m relieved to see them fly away. I’m not the right person for the message. If only so I can daydream + get some sleep.

I cut my hair off with kitchen scissors in 20 minutes, and stared at it for two days. I want a servant to retrieve my ego, but I don’t. I want a house to secure my sanctuary, but I don’t.

Red flower buds on the tips of tree branches still make me smile- but I can’t experience anymore.

I don’t know when she’s coming back.

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