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At a Crossroads in Life? Meet Hekate

Today, May 20th, marks the beginning of Gemini season, and is also the day on which we honor the Dark Goddesses.

Hekate is the dark maternal goddess, the mother of witches, and keeper of the keys to our mysteries which we are tasked to solve. The mysteries of self and our inner reality. “For many, she comes without a name revealing herself during times of great personal pain and loss. She is the bringer of power and healing. She spins the wheel of time, weaving her magick and mystery throughout. The fiery spark that lives in all the universe. The spark that fuels her chosen, the witches, as they weave their spells and rituals. She is the Witch Mother.”

Triple goddess of not only magic, witchcraft, herbal knowledge, and the underworld, but also the spiritual crossroads, the wilderness, the in-between places, and the poisonous fruits and berries, Hekate’s symbols are echoed throughout various mythologies.

Even Christianity, which holds that there is no God except for the Holy Trinity, utilizes the symbols of Hekate in its parables. Jesus was tempted by various choices in the wilderness, and the apple Eve plucked when she made her choice poisoned the well of humanity.

In fairytales, Snow White’s poisonous fruit, the wilderness of thorns outside Sleeping Beauty’s slumber, and the crossroads Cinderella must face at midnight echo Hekate’s mythology: that dark waiting period in which we confront our demons to find the light.

Hekate waits at the entrance to your personal underworld (read: Hell on Earth) demanding a choice. Will you take the left or the right path, or forge a path down the middle?

The decision belongs to your reality, but she will prompt it, push you towards a decision, guide you through that moment of becoming with mystical power and poisonous options laid out before you along with the healing power of transformation.

“Hekate” has been compared to Hades, Lucifer, and other intimidating figures, but at the core of her stories is the idea that choices will be offered to us in times of suffering, and our responses to these will define our character.

Even if the answers we find have been predetermined by Fate, we still will be forced to seek out and confront them.

None of us can escape those moments at the crossroads, of temptation and poison in the wilderness of the mind. Hekate comes for us all and demands payment in the form of reflection and ultimately decision. Whether this is the decision to heal and move on, or remain tormented will be found out.

If the point of human life is to know thyself and to know others and the world as intimately as we can- to learn and seek- then Hekate is not our wise teacher, or a gentle guide, but the die hard coach urging us to move faster, work harder, finish it and become who we are through the decisions & difficult moments we face.

Ways to honor Hecate include offerings of bread, cheese, fruits, and eggs, poisonous plants and berries, etc. Wander in the wilderness to be tempted. Journal your demons. Reflect on the darkest aspects of your psyche and you will find Hekate there, waiting in those contradictions. Not only is she honored on May 20th, she is also honored on the dark moon, and during times of painful transmutation of the soul.

Here is her origin story.

And here is a witch’s prayer to the dark triple goddess.

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