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The Morrígan

Death is a highly sensitive subject for many. Whether we like it or not, death is all around us. Life cannot exist without death, nor light without darkness. The circle of life is a harsh reminder of our mortality and the delicate balance of our fragile world. The goddess Morrígan is a stellar example of a goddess who is associated with life and death alike-who helps us to cope with our own mortality and learn not to fear the reaper.

Morrígan, also alternately spelled Morrighan and Morgane, is a water element goddess and one of the Triple Goddesses. She is often symbolized by crows or ravens and is associated heavily with the night and all things dark and dreary. As she is a symbol of death, she is primarily linked with the festival of Samhain. She is typically depicted with dark flowing hair, piercing eyes, and donning all black clothing. A symbol of bravery for many and a divine vision of triumph in battle, it’s no wonder that she is such a popular deity amongst the Pagan community.

The archetype of Morrígan is useful when you feel that you are lacking in self confidence or when you are in need of courage to overcome a grueling hurdle or rut in your spiritual path. Even a symbol as grave and severe as Morrígan can be a symbol of perseverance, bravery, renewal, and resiliency, and can evoke a warrior mentality in even the most passive person.

All credit for this lovely art of The Morrígan goes to Liisa Berezkin.

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