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The Zodiac Files: Gemini (May 21st-June 20th)

Welcome to our Zodiac series. We’re going in-depth on the qualities and destiny of each sign.

In later posts, we’ll discuss how birth charts work + how various placements in the chart affect each sign.

Eventually, this Zodiac series will go extremely in depth.

So follow us to stay posted on spiritual, magical, and astrological matters.

Now let’s jump in with a sign everybody seems to know, have an opinion on, and talk about.

Key Traits of a Gemini Sun Sign (May 21st-June 20th)

Geminis are charismatic, intelligent communicators who can vibe, fake it, or at least get a conversation going in any situation.

  • Symbol: The Twins
  • Personality: Curious, dynamic, articulate, energetic chameleons
  • Element: Air. Air signs are distinguished by their intellectual pursuits, detachment, sociability, variety of hobbies and interests, and preference for logic, rationality, fairness, and smooth sailing.  
  • Celestial Body: Mercury
  • Spirit Colors: Yellow and Blue
  • Common Aura Colors: Dark yellow, lime green, orange, blues
  • Birth Stone: Emerald
  • Key Words: I think and manifest reality.
  • Flowers: Lavender & lily of the valley

The Mutable Quality– Gemini as a Marketer of Experience

Gemini is one of the four mutable signs. The mutable quality occurs once at the transition between seasons + once in each of the four elements. It indicates flexibility, creativity, restlessness, and diplomacy. Gemini is the mutable sign of the air tribe + signals the end of spring and transition into summer.

Gemini shines as an observer of patterns, creative brainstormer, and marketer of ideas. They quickly absorb and blend into their environment, disseminate new information, and observe other people. They analyze what they find and seek new directions. This is directly tied to their karmic responsibilities. On their life’s journey they will have the tasks of learning to filter their observations through a lense of kindness, communicating what they find to others, either creatively or academically, learning how to be diplomatic with many different kinds of people, and the like.

The most mature & successful Geminis share their creative intellect with the world. They demonstrate through example how to work with a variety of ideas and people.

In order to be the best versions of themselves, Gemini must learn to stick with their best ideas long enough to bring them out of their head and into reality. They must also learn to recognize that their observations can not always be trusted. Just because they are often correct doesn’t mean they always are. It is beneficial for them to recognize when they are not being kind about what they’ve noticed- they must harness that skill for diplomacy and stay in touch with their heart to find balance.

If they don’t learn these lessons they will succumb to the negative traits of their sign. Essentially they will be restless until their next life, with no fixed point, struggling to manifest their passions. They may also develop a superiority complex due to their intellect. Rest assured the universe will challenge them until they reach a breakthrough.

It is their karmic task to get in touch with, explore, and see the beauty in patterns and ideas, in their areas of interest, and to come up with creative results. They must equip themselves to cultivate their intelligence, with plenty of self-education, in whatever ways they see fit (as they must be allowed to feel free in order to be creative).

Once they learn to work with their own minds, cultivating an ability to

1. find peace in the slower moments

2. relinquish their harsher observations in favor of love and kindness

Geminis will be able to curate the social, creative, and free-spirited life of their dreams.

The 5 Top Reasons to Love Being a Gemini

  1. Gemini are adept at moving from group to group. They’re not necessarily seeking out popularity, but thanks to their ease at getting along and connecting with others, popularity comes to them.
  2. Highly intelligent, Gemini are adept at seeing a 360-degree picture of a situation almost instantaneously, and they rarely become indecisive when making the next move.
  3. Ruled by powerhouse communicator Mercury, Gemini can voice exactly what they need. Even if they hold an unpopular opinion, they have the persuasive ability that will lead people to their way of thinking.
  4. Who needs caffeine? Blessed with off-the-charts energy, Gemini will always keep the party going. The Twins can always multitask a few different projects and excel at each one.
  5. Outsiders see Gemini as mysterious because of the great depths that so obviously underlie that bright, quick exterior. People always want to become better acquainted with the Twins, who love showing off different sides of their personality.

So play nice with Gemini. They’re the sign most likely to come up with something fun to do, and they give awesome advice.

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