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Cast a Love Spell with the New Moon in Cancer

The new moon is a time to set intentions, begin new endeavors, and clear away the old and negative to make room for a fresh start 🌹

If what you’re looking for is love, this weekend and this upcoming month happens to be the perfect time for a love spell!

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So the new moon is a great time to use sage to cleanse a space, cast a goal-oriented spell, and reflect on what’s to come in your future. How do you want to grow over the course of the next lunar cycle?

What do you want to let go? What would you like to bring into your life?

This month’s new moon is aligned in the zodiac sign, Cancer β™‹ , a protective, intuitive, and dreamy sign all about defense, vulnerabilities, and leadership of the heart over mind and matter.

While Cancer is emotionally led, which can lead to mood swings (for everyone when a lunar event happens in her sign), Cancer is also the Queen of creative defenses and practically psychic intuition. She rules the breasts, stomach, and hip areas, the hearth and home, and as the sign ruled by our moon, is aligned with the Lunar Goddesses πŸŒ™ such as Artemis.

Mantra for the New Moon in Cancer: I have felt… I feel… I want to feel…

Love Spells and More

Due to the new moon’s alignment in Cancer, it’s a powerful time to cast spells related to the

  • home
  • romance
  • creativity
  • fertility in body or nature

It’s also a great time to get intimate with your deepest vulnerabilities and strengths in your journal.

Or clear bad vibes away and make room for more positive feelings.

Because we are also in an eclipse period, this energy is magnified several times overπŸ”­

So to be honest June 20th-June 22nd is one of the best times this year to cast a love, home oriented, or fertility spell!

Try using white roses, white and pink candles, orchids, honey, milk, and selenite, as they are all sacred at this time due to the new moon in Cancer and Litha.

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